Week 17 – Last Classes | Sugar Loaf Hill


Because Monday is always the hardest day, I thought I’d start this one with an awesome breakfast. I saw this kind of egg bread somewhere on the internet some time ago and wanted to try myself for quite a while. And it turned out to be very yummy 🙂 What I did is cutting out a whole in the middle of a bread and frying an egg inside. Pretty simple but delicious!

Today also was the start of the last week of classes here in New Zealand. As the Semester already started in July, it will end on the end of November.  So today was already the last class of Programming. Paul gave us some last tips about our assignment which is due on Friday. And as I’m not going to see him again, I asked him to take a selfie with him… here you see his answer 🙂



As the last week of class continues, today was the last day of Internet and Web Development. I didn’t take a selfie this time so I can’t show you Michael but we will still have an exam on the 16th so maybe I can make good for that then 🙂


Tomorrow my Multimedia assignment is due. So I spend a lot of hours finalising my Android app and even longer to edit and cut together a movie which is also part of the assignment together with audio, animation and images.

The final assignment will be an info app for Furtwangen University and provide new or existing students information about buildings, faculties and rooms with their facilities. Google slides explaining the app and process of designing can be found here.


As mentioned on Wednesday, the Multimedia assignment is due today. I uploaded it in time on eit-online – the university’s intranet. But another part of the assignment is the live presentation in class.


I originally wanted to do my presentation as one of the first but as I needed to cast my phone to a HDMI dongle on the projector, I had to wait till everybody else with a laptop was done. And then there was a problem with that dongle so presenting my app live from the phone wouldn’t work. However I found a way to cast my phone to my laptop and connected that to the projector. Casting my phone’s screen to the laptop wasn’t really smooth but it had one advantage: I had my presentation slides and my phone screen on the same device.

This was not only my last Multimedia class but also my very last official class in New Zealand. This time, after the presentation, I didn’t forget to ask Kathryn for a selfie. Here is her response 🙂


Back home in the villa I helped Hugh with his Programming assignment. He had most of the his app already done. Only two last Python methods he was not sure about and it is due tomorrow.



The car Sandra and I bought here is really good and reliable and we’re really happy about it. The only thing that doesn’t work it the boot’s door. Seemed to be the hydraulic struts that are defect and so the door wouldn’t stay open and is also very heavy to open. So we went to a Honda dealer last week where they told us it would cost over $200 for both struts. But that guy was really fair and told us that just next door they sell third-party struts that might be a lot cheaper. So we went there and asked for a replacement but this guy couldn’t find any matching third-party struts. Again being very fair, he told us that at Kings Auto in Hastings there is a workshop, that would refill the gas of the hydraulics.

And that’s where I went today. So the mechanic over there dissembled both struts and found that one is still in good conditions and only the other one needs a refill. However he also said that he couldn’t refill that one because a seal was pulled of already. But he offered me a third-party strut for about $70 and so I texted Sandra if that would be okay for here and it was.

After one hour of waiting in an Indian restaurant, I could get our car back – now with a proper working boot without clamping a piece of wood between! 🙂



It’s not easy to find activities when you have no obligations anymore 😛 Well I still haven’t finished the brochure for HFU but I’ve to wait till Monday to get a last text correction.
So as the day when we’re leaving for the South Island is coming closer and closer, I decided to pack some stuff I won’t need anymore to send it back home. That way I would gain some space and weight in my luggage when I fly home. And I definitely need some more space as I will have to fit an extra sleeping bag and camping mat inside.

In the afternoon, Sandra, Layeeq and me went to Napier. I had to cancel an order in Harvey Norman because I already found some third-party batteries for my camera on TradeMe. And I wanted to get a superglue to fix few little things.
After that we went enjoyed some ice cream by the beach 🙂

Back home in the village we arranged to meet again later to get up to Sugar Loaf Hill (yes, again 😛 ) to see the sunset. Kapil and Calvin joined us this time. And of course I took my camera with me to shoot a time-lapse 🙂


At around 9pm we went to Noodle Canteen (takeaway restaurant) and back in the Villa again we started a movie (Limitless) but couldn’t finish because we were all too tired 😛


Now that we don’t have any assignments and classes anymore, I got a lot more time for my hobby 🙂 That obviously is photography. I started by stitching some night-time lapse footage together and started a new time-lapse. This time not on Sugar Loaf hill but in the student village 🙂 For that I rearranged the desk in my room so that I can see through my window to the camera standing outside and making sure it’s not being robbed.

And right now I’m catching up with some days on the blog 🙂


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