Week 16 – Much photography and Rugby World Cup


5:30am! That’s when I went to Sugar Loaf Hill to shoot a time-lapse of the sunrise. I actually wanted to start capturing when the stars were still visible but unfortunately it was already too bright when I arrived. So after I parked my car at the hill’s car park, I walked up the last 300m and set up my gear. That’s a Revolve tripod with a Syrp Genie Mini mounted on and my Sony A7II on top.


The Genie Mini lets me control the y-axis of the camera with my smart phone. So I can set up the duration of the time-lapse, the interval of the images taken and the angle of rotation. So I’d end up with a rotating time-lapse.


Back home in the student villa I started to process the footage with Adobe Lightroom and LRTimelapse – a real nice program to stitch images together to time-lapse and compensate exposure differences.

However I couldn’t get rid of all exposure jumps and definitely need to get rid of those and make it slower the next time. But it was my first attempt so I’m pretty happy with the result.


In the afternoon Hugh and I went to Mister D. We wanted to do that for a long time and finally we could make it 🙂 Mister D is a restaurant in Napier which is especially famous for its doughnuts. Especially the one where you get a syringe of jam or custard and can fill it yourself.



Because I was not entirely satisfied with my time-lapse, I decided to go back to Sugar Loaf Hill. This time even half an hour earlier. And still was it not entirely dark anymore when I set all up. So again no stars. But this time I chose a longer duration for the time-lapse so it’s not gonna be that fast.

This time I’m definitely happier with the speed. However I have some more flickering in my footage. So it’s probably not going to be the last time up there 😛


I again started my day very early. I made myself that awesome breakfast at around 5:30am and continued working on my app for multimedia. Also did I shoot some indoor photo sphere to show you my little villa here in New Zealand 🙂

[sphere 4087 width=“100%“ height=“400px“ autoload min_fov title=“living room“] [sphere 4088 autoload width=“100%“ height=“400px“ min_fov title=“kitchen“]

They are shot on my Nexus 6 so they are not perfect but you can get some impressions.


Today I continued on the brochure for Furtwangen University. I got all the texts and most images from my boss so I could almost finish it.


Not much going on today 😛


One more time up on Sugar Loaf Hill 🙂 But this time not early in the morning but late at night. So I shot a pure night lapse without sunrise. One with the city of Napier and one with stars. See the result below.


Because it was already so late/early when I came back from Sugar Loaf Hill, I decided to stay awake to watch the final of the Rugby World Cup. That was about 5:00am local time. And I didn’t regret it because we (I think I can say that now 😛 ) won!! 🙂 I’m not really a big rugby enthusiast but it’s kind of a fascinating sport because they’re all very respectful even if it looks very rough and aggressive. Especially the All Blacks (New Zealand national team) are known for their fair play.



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