Week 23 – Last stop – Queenstown!

After a long and exciting trip through the South Island of New Zealand, I finally arrived at my destination and found some time and internet access to continue my travel blog. On Wednesday I’ll gonna leave this beautiful country, take lots of awesome impressions with me and and see a country I’ve also wanted to visit for years – Australia! 🙂

However first my task is to sell the car before I fly to Sydney. I’ll only have a few days and it’s already been on TradeMe for a couple of days and only two applicants so far.

The first two Nights I stayed on a Holiday Park with Lisa and Fabri, which I met on the boat cruise in Milford Sound. A really lovely Italian couple living and working in Sydney. Thanks for the yummy Risotto again! 🙂

The first night I slept in the car. But there was not space left in the second night, so they were so kind to let me put my tent onto their site.
We discovered the town a little bit together. It is really nice. Next to the Lake Wakatipu and in between some mountains. But also very touristic and expensive. You can do a lot of activities like Jet Boat, Canyoning, Bungy-Jumping and more. But for the same price I could stay for an entire week in a hostel.

And that’s what I’ve done. Because I didn’t know, when I can sell the car, I moved to the Youth Hostel Lakefront. It was completed this year and offers real good accomodation, nice and clean kitchen, free unlimited WiFi (which is very rare in New Zealand) and other facilities. All together really modern and clean.

For Christmas Evening, Lisa and Fabri invited me to go to a seafood restaurant for dinner. Had oysters for the very first time and „the best New Zealand fish“ a Grober.

On Saturday I could finally sell the car to a Chinese girl. Was a little said because it served us very well but also happy to not have to think about it again.

In the evening I got into conversation with some other Germans (pretending that I’m Danish because I’m not keen to speak German all the time 😛 ) and two English. Later we went into town for some clubbing.


There is actually a very high and unusual density of English in this hostel. So yesterday, I teamed up with two from London, two from Nottingham and one from Manchester. we first had real good conversation at the hostel about space, the future and engergy production. Later We went to a bar with live music and met 3 more English girls.

Today I have to change my room. So I first had to pack everything, which was quite hard. I bought a sleeping bag and a camping mat here and have a real problem now, getting everything back into my bags 😛
Now I’m sitting in the TV lounge till I can check into my new room again.

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