Holiday Trip Day 6 (Week 12) – 6h Coromandel Coastal Walkway | Found iPod Touch | Cold Shower


When we built our tent up last night, we couldn’t really see, how this place looks like. The more surprised and happy we were, when we woke up. It looked really awesome. Opening the door of our tent, I could see some green grass, the ocean and some surrounding hills – fabulous!
Because we were going to do the big Coromandel Coastal Walkway, we wanted to leave as early as possible. At the start of the walkway there was a barrel with disinfectant for the shoes to prevent bringing diseases that might kill the trees beside the track.
One the way we passed one hill after another. All surrounding real beautiful bays with nice beaches. The way was never really close to the beach but went up and down with windy tracks. After about one hour we reached a lookout where we had a great few over all the bays we left behind and some that would still come.


The way however seemed to be never-ending. Sometimes it also went up pretty steep and then down again. The whole time the scenery was changing. Sometimes we walked over open grass fields, sometimes, through jungle like forests and finally we reached a bay with a wide open scenery of which we thought would be Fetchers Bay – our destination.

It was really beautiful! Lot’s of green grass, of course many sheep and a small stream running through the middle, leading into the ocean. And in it we found a real cute duckling family! 🙂

However, Sandra found out, that this wasn’t Fetcher Bay yet. So we continued and walked over another hill. And there it was. Another bay this time with a pretty big DOC-camp site.

But as we all thought, that the previous bay was nicer, we decided to go bag and rest a little time. On the way down to the beach of the previous bay, I found something lying in the grass. When I picked it up, I thought it was an iPhone and was pretty surprised. But I found out later, that it was an iPod Touch and it was still on and running so it couldn’t be lost for too long.

I was pretty exhausted by the long walk but still wanted to try to ask some people on the campsite of the other bay we just left if it belonged to someone there. So I went back, this time alone, and asked few people. However nobody missed an iPod Touch. So my try was for nothing and I went back to the beach where Sandra and Chas rested.
Because it took me quite tome time, Chas said he would go back already because he ran out of water. He would wait for us at our camp site. I really felt like a cool refreshing after that long walk and that unnecessary extra bit and went for a swim in the still cold ocean.


After that I dried myself, put my clothes back on and started my way back home. Sandra wanted to wait few minutes and catch up on the way. But it was a little awkward feeling to walk all alone. Because you’re really alone and in the middle of nowhere. So I was actually pretty happy when Sandra catched up on a way up a hill. And also did she say that she walked really fast because she felt uncomfortable, too.
So after walking another 1h together, we reached our campsite again. Where it was supposed to take 3h 30min, it took us only 1h 45mins. Probably because we were really hungry and walked accordingly fast 😛

So back we first took a shower. And that was really cold! Felt even colder than the ocean. Because it was a “basic” camp site, there is no warm water or power facilities. But we were happy to refresh and cooked some pasta and salad afterwards to refill our energy.

At night we started to watch “Big Hero” on Sandra’s iPad. Sandra felt asleep again though so I had to finish it alone again 😛

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