Week 14 – BBQ | Napier Aquatic Centre | Pool | Hangouts


First day after the mid term breaks. Busy as always.


Hangout time!!! ­čÖé Today I had a date with Ksenia and Robin from back home ­čśŤ Because we’re 11 hrs ahead, we agreed on hanging out at 11:30pm (my time) which is 12:30pm their time.  It was really nice to see them again and later, Michael and Sina also joined from Austria. It also was one of those rare moments, where I talked in German. Because, as I mentioned earlier, here in New Zealand, I don’t talk German at all. Not even with other Germans.



Honestly? I can’t remember what I did on Wednesday :/ ­čśÇ


And also no idea about Thursday^^


Only class today was again electronic design. I was happy to finish my final assignment: an infographic about Germany.


Very late at night, I saw a group conversation on Facebook, which I was invited to. I just don’t check Facebook very often so I didn’t see it for over a week. It was called „Saturday swimming, bbq n snooker“, suggesting to do exactly that on … oops … already the next day ­čśŤ So I messaged the organizer and asked, if it’s already too late to join. She told me that it was alright and that I should come to Anderson Park in Green Meadow. That’s just in between Taradale (where EIT and the student village is) and Napier.


And so I did. Got my swimming trunks on and went. First, I went to Pak’n’Save to get something to drink and then went to Anderson Park. I thought we just gonna meet at Anderson Park and go to the swimming pool next. But nope – plan was to have the BBQ first (at 9am!!) and then swim. Because, what I didn’t know was that in Anderson Park (and apparently in other public parks as well) they have public BBQ grills to use for free (!). So it turned out that that was gonna be my very first breakfast BBQ ­čśŤ But, it was really good, especially Judy’s food. She is from China and made some really yummy prawn spits and green asparagus. We also had some fresh mussels ­čÖé

IMG_20151017_100231 2015-10-16-ANIMATION

So, then we went to Napier Aquatic Centre in Onekawa. It only cost $3 for students and had two old pools of which one was closed for a private birthday, a leaners pool and a slide. However the slide was NZ$4,70 per slide! That was more than the entire entry :/ There was also a big outdoor area which was not accessible because it’s still too cold.


After teaching two of us how to swim we left the pool and went to another place to play some pool ­čÖé I was in a team with Amal and I think we won all two games if I remember correctly ­čśë



What do you do at 9:30pm on a sunday? Right, shopping! ­čÖé That’s one thing I really like about New Zealand. You can go shopping 7 days a week. There is no German Sunday.

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